Aboveground Storage Tank Services

Whether you are closing a facility or preparing for tank maintenance, VEC’s highly trained, experienced and professional staff provides state of the art, innovative and proven Aboveground Storage Tank Cleaning Solutions for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry.

  • Certified Degassing & Decontamination
  • Gross Decontamination
  • Decontamination in preparation for API Inspections
  • Atmospheric Temperature Control
  • Sandblasting
  • Interior Wall Decontamination/System Scaffolding
  • Coil Decontamination and Removal
  • Doorsheet and Manway Entries
  • Insulation Removal/Disposal
  • Waste Containerization, Transportation and Disposal
  • Tank Removal
  • Piping and Ancillary Equipment Closure
  • Site Restoration
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